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starTEDover's podcast

Jul 21, 2020

My guest today is Gena Chieco, who shares her story of finding out she was an identical twin, navigating the unknowns of life and shedding the “shoulds” that were holding her back.

Gena is an Executive Coach, former Chief of Staff, and lawyer who inspires high-achieving professionals to step into their best selves by cultivating a growth mindset and accessing inner wisdom and strengths. After earning a BA with Honors in Psychology from Northwestern University and a JD from the University of Virginia School of Law, Gena had the privilege of working for the Obama Administration during both terms. Serving in leadership roles and as a right-hand to principals at the highest levels of government, she contributed to a variety of initiatives, from immigration reform at the Department of Homeland Security to environmental issues at the White House. 

Gena left federal service in 2017 to serve as General Counsel & Chief of Staff to the CEO of a cleantech startup, marrying her passion for the environment and entrepreneurial spirit. Appreciating the unique nature of the Chief of Staff role and value of community, Gena helped launch the Prime Chief of Staff Peer group in Los Angeles, which she co-leads today. 

In 2018, while on an extended travel sabbatical, Gena enrolled in Dr. Martha Beck’s Coach Training Program. The experience illuminated that Gena has always been a coach in spirit – whether helping friends find jobs they love, encouraging team members to build upon their passions, or serving as a confidante to executives. Gena derives tremendous joy and purpose from helping clients rise to their full potential. In addition to a passion for coaching, Gena brings to her coaching practice over 15 years of experience encompassing operations; strategic planning; project management; workforce development; and communications.   

A native New Yorker, when not immersing herself in coaching, Gena is plotting her next travel adventure, exploring food scenes in her home base of Los Angeles, running, or creating.

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