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starTEDover's podcast

Jul 1, 2020

My guest today is Yaron Engler, who shares his story of leading with his heart from country to country and a spiritual journey that gave him a path to break through a lifetime of struggles with depression.

Yaron is a men's coach and workshops facilitator who has spent more than 20 years exploring and road testing mindfulness so nothing is taught that he hasn't tried out himself. A professional drummer who has performed and worked around the world, Yaron’s direct, honest and playful approach inspires and motivates clients and audiences to create simple, positive change resulting in personal growth.

He is passionate about bringing the best out of individuals by cultivating stronger self-awareness and developing more courageous and honest communication between people. 

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starTEDover is a series of 18 minute inspiring stories of falling and standing back up, getting knocked over and rebuilding, healing, growing, persevering.

These interviews are edited down to 18 minutes, because 18, in Hebrew numerology, is the number for life or chai, and my hope is that these stories of starting over could enliven you today or even save a life.

Music is provided by my friends Malte Hagemeister and Kristian Nord of The Great Escape. You can find out more about them and their inspiring music at

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I’m Ted Riter, wishing you blessings for starting over.